What are Earth Actions?

There are 12 Earth Actions that make up a Whole-School Earth Action Plan. Each Earth Action is a special sustainability initiative that your school can strive to achieve at your own pace. Tailor a plan for your school so that sustainable behaviours can become the social default.   

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Where can I get more information about the 12 Earth Actions?

The 12 Earth Actions are explained in greater detail on this website. Each Earth Action is provided as a FREE downloadable manual. Find them in the "More Free Stuff 1" tab at the top or click on the "More Free Stuff 1" button below.

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How do we include the Earth Actions into our school sustainability action plan?

Taking the time to create a well thought out sustainability plan for your school will ensure greater success.

This is a great job for your sustainability team!

Details on how to develop a workable plan will be found in 

MANUAL 5: School Earth Action Plan

NOTE: Before you create a sustainability action plan for your school, a sustainability assessment report  should be completed.

Head to our "Free Manuals" page for steps on how to get started.


how to select your earth actions to create an annual plan

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example template: annual earth action planner

work template: annual earth action planner